The Pathetic story as by corp member serving in FIDA Bayelsa Secretariat


Read the pathetic story that was told by a corp member serving in FIDA secretariat Bayelsa state. She explained who painful and annoying it could be been frustrated by the people you are trying to help. Read below as posted on FIDA’s Facebook page


Yesterday, 26th July, 2017, I got a call from our FIDA Bayelsa chairperson, to follow up on a defilement complaint made by an anonymous caller. The caller informed us that the suspect was being held up in an adjoining empty flat by the father of the victim ( – a ten year old girl).
So I went to the house of the victim to confirm the report. I met the father of the victim and some other persons whom he called his family members.

After introducing myself and explaining what FIDA stands for, I sought to confirm the tip off. The victim’s father responded in the following words: “Wetin you hear Na true. The thing happen for night although I bin no dey, as I come back naim them tell me. We don catch the man, but the matter now dey for community hand”. He further stated that he intends to take the child to the hospital for check up. Then I asked why the matter has not been reported to the police, one of the brothers said they want to handle it with the community.

After I left, I called the chairperson who then encouraged me to still go to the police (Akenfa).
After waiting to see the DPO for about an hour, he granted me audience and finally asked three officers to go with me and arrest the suspect. On getting there, the victim’s father became so hostile towards me. Yelling at me for meddling in his family affair. He then told the police that he doesn’t know where the man is.

The police further requested to speak with the victim they refused initially but later budged when the police insisted.
The girl (victim) explained that the previous evening, the suspect (Benson) was in their house but the place was dark as there was no light and her mum did not have money for candle… The suspect then offered to give them candle but that somebody has to follow him to his house to get it… The victim’s mother then asked her to go and get the candle and also get garri on credit from another neighbor of theirs.

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Upon getting to the suspect’s house, she waited in his parlour as he told her. He returned a few minutes later without the candle but instead dragged her into his room, forcefully took off her shorts, tore her panties and defiled her.

Also, based on the behavior of the victim’s father, i perceived that he didn’t consider / care about the welfare and health of the victim in this case even though she is his daughter. Because even up to that late afternoon, he had not made any effort to take the victim for any check up or even given her any medication to ease the pain, at least.

One can’t help but wonder if such child doesn’t need protection even from her family as much as from outsiders.
My name is Barr Abigail Nkere, a corp member serving at the Fida bayelsa secretariat.
I am on stand by waiting for the next directive from my chairperson.

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