Seeds Of Destiny Daily Devotional – The Tragedy of Bitterness


You are reading Today’s Seeds Of Destiny Daily Devotional written by Pastor Paul Enenche

Topic: The Tragedy of Bitterness

Today Tuesday July 18, 2017

SCRIPTURE: And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men. Acts 24:16

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: People you assisted may try to resist you but you have to make up your mind not to be embittered into hell.

I heard the story of a woman of God who had preached for about 33 years. One fateful day, she came home and caught her husband in adultery. Shocked, confused and angry, she carried a gun, shot her husband, shot the woman she caught with him and shot herself.

Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional – Your Praise And Divine Perfection

What a waste of a whole lifetime! Three people arriving in hellfire at the same time. Thirty-three years of ministerial labour wasted because of anger and bitterness.
Afterwards, someone who saw a vision of hellfire saw all three of them in hell, and their quarrelling continued even in the midst of the fire.

Beloved, offence is a luxury that we cannot afford; it is expensive. Whoever or whatever constitutes an offence in your heart is tampering with your faith, boldness and confidence in God.

I have experienced all manner of provocations and irritations from people but nobody is anointed by the devil enough to embitter me into hell.
Beloved, people you prayed for may turn against you. People you raised may try to erase you. People you assisted may try to resist you but make up your mind not to be embittered into hell. God will give you the grace, in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: People you assisted may try to resist you but make up your mind not to be embittered into hell.

Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional: The Untouchable

1. Clean your heart of every form of bitterness; forgive anyone who hurt you.
2. Ask God for a heart of love.
3. Guard your heart with the shield of God’s Word by studying the Word of God daily and consistently.


PRAYER: Father, help me to forgive whoever offended me or whoever will offend me. Give me the grace to maintain a clear conscience with You and with men, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
DAILY READING: 1 Chronicles 26:12 to 27:34, Romans 4:13 to 5:5, Psalm 14:1 to 7, Proverbs 19:17

QUOTE: A life of bitterness leads to a life of torment. Culled from AM I BITTER? By Dr Becky Enenche.

AMAZING FACT: A shrimp’s heart is in its head.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 18/07/1968 – Intel was founded in Mountain View, California.

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