Photos of A Model who Policemen ‘forced to remove her cloths in front of male prisoners’ when she was arrested


A Model who Policemen ‘forced to remove her cloths
Model ‘forced to remove her cloths in front of male prisoners’ when she was arrested and taken to police station

This is the degrading moment a model was allegedly made to remove her cloth and perform an sexxy dance for male inmates at a prison.

Shamed police admitted plastering the racy-footage on the internet last week and it has since gone viral.

It shows handcuffed Katherine Martinez, 27, chained to a window and lift up her dress for the excited lags.

The former physiotherapist said: “All the police officers told me that if I wanted them to pass me a chair or take my handcuffs off, I had to take off my dress and show them my body.


“Then the male prisoners began to yell at me, ‘yes, yes, lift your dress up.’

“I remember them telling me they were filming me.”

Photos of A Model who Policemen 'forced to strip-off in front of male prisoners' when she was arrested

Katherine, who was arrested after a drunken street fight in Cali, Columbia, said she exposed herself because she needed to sit down to rest her sprained ankle.

But while red-faced police chiefs admitted officers posted this X-rated footage online, they denied blackmailing the mother-of-one.

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Hugo Casas, Cali Police commander, said: “She decided to take her clothes off and carry out obscene acts in the station but what we, as an institution, deeply regret is that what some police officers did was film what the woman was doing with their mobile phones instead of stopping her and protecting her integrity.

“The video was passed on via WhatsApp.

“Our police force condemns this behaviour and disciplinary and judicial investigations are underway.

“The officers have been fully identified. One is a patrol officer who drove the woman to the station, but another official is involved for failing to assist her.”

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Nevertheless, Katherine has already hired a lawyer in a bid to sue the police.

The DJ continued: “This disgusting and shameful act they made me do just so I could get a chair has left me with an injured foot.

“I can’t walk very well. But emotionally I’m also very badly affected.”

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