Cab driver calls firefighters to cut woman out of taxi after she gets wedged between seats


A CABBIE had to call firefighters to free a passenger who got wedged in his taxi.

Jamal Shamus rang emergency services when the woman announced she was trapped between the seats of his minibus cab.

Two fire engines were sent to the scene as a crowd gathered, before crews used cutting gear to free her.

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The woman, thought to be called Georgia and from Burnley, was eventually pulled clear as watching locals clapped and cheered.

Cab driver calls firefighters to cut woman out of taxi after she gets wedged between seats
The passenger ‘saw the funny side once she got out’, said the cab driver (NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS LTD)

Jamal, boss of Padiham Cars in Lancashire, said: “The woman threw herself into the taxi and, because she was a big girl, got wedged between the passenger door and front driver’s side seat.

“She did throw herself in with some force.

“The fire service came and got her free. She walked away OK and thanked everyone.

“She apologised for wasting everyone’s time. Luckily, she wasn’t injured.

“I think she’d been out with her mates the night before — there were five altogether.

“She did see the funny side once she got out. Even her best mate was laughing.”

The trapped woman was said to be in her twenties.

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Padiham resident Mark Heys said: “It was dinner time Saturday, we were having a few drinks.

“Some girl said, ‘Come and have a look at this woman stuck in taxi’.

“We all ran out and the full street must have been out. She must have been stuck for a good hour.”


Source: Mirror

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