Between Facebook And Messenger (A Must Read)


Between Facebook And Messenger: A Facebook user took to her page to educate and correct some social ill and happenings on the platform. She seriously lamented on how users misuse and misfire their targets and priority while on the platform. Well it is a serious issues to be considered. Now, read the post.

Lemme explain something…

FACEBOOK and MESSENGER are two different apps. The fact that I added you on Facebook or you added me, and you can see me online on messenger DOESN’T automatically mean I have to chat with you on messenger! The fact that you say hello doesn’t mean I’m obliged to say hi back.

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Lemme break it down for you… Facebook is a street…so if I add you, that means you now live on my street and might walk by my house. MESSENGER is my house! Now the fact that we live on the same street and you walk by my house doesn’t mean you have access into my house. Each time you say “hello” on messenger, you are knocking on my door. I reserve the right to either say ‘COME IN’ or BUZZ OFF!’ when you knock on my door. I AM NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO CHAT WITH YOU INBOX! Please quit getting offended when you try to pick up a conversation inbox and the person doesn’t respond. Unless you have a key to my house(ie, we are close friends already), you do not have automatic access. Is that clear enough???

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And then there’s the third group that is even worse than the other two; those you give access into your street and your house and they jump into your bedroom uninvited: VIDEO CALLING!
I can only do that with you if we have something between us, or if we are friends, or maybe we chat regularly and i accept to video chat with u. You do NOT voice or video call a person on messenger without their permission! That’s just plain rude!!! The fact that there is a ‘voice call’ and ‘video call’ icon on your messenger doesn’t mean you use it on just anyone! Voice and video calls are personal, it’s not something you do with just any random Facebook friend that you have not even commented on her post before! And then you have the nerve to call me arrogant for not picking your video call!? Are you high on mushroom!???

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Another set are the tell me about your self as if I am writing an essay… My name is…… What is yours? As if they are blind, they can’t see the name used on your profile. Don’t ask me to tell you about my self, its a dumb and silly question. There’s a profile there, all informations are there and if you don’t see any, it means it isn’t necesarry.. Men and women if you ask me that again… I block you.. Blocking u stil dsnt mean i block ur life. Lets just say good riddance to bad rubbish..

Respect they say is reciprocal, if you cannot cultivate little manners and etiquettes, then you have no business being on social media. So the next time you feel the urge to use those two icons on your messenger, I’m gonna introduce you to a third icon; BLOCK!!!

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