Where has President Buhari Disappeared To?


Buhari is a brand name and household name in every quarters in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. He may be known with the change mantra but things have changed in Nigeria as well.

Has Buhari Disappeared Into Thin Air?

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President Buhari is all that Nigerians talk about from the 2015 elections that brought him in to office. People are talking to their experiences since he assumed office; some say he brought hardship to the control while others said, he brought change as he continuing the corruption fight.

Well, if you ask me, the name BUHARI has vanished into thin air. Nobody wants to know what is happening to him, whether he is dead or alive. People are actually yearning for survival in the face of hardship, trails and temptation.

One good thing I remember about him is the high inflammation of commodities which is affecting the poor masses. While rice still sold between N17,000 and N22,000, other food items like garri, beans, yam, vegetables, fruits and other continues to soar high for poor masses to afford.

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Now, where is our dear president Buhari, who millions of people kept chanting his slogan those days, “say baba”?
Where are all the promises of getting dollar to be naira equivalent, fuel going down to N50?

It is regrettable that the coast has been cleared for Nigerians to see what change they bargained. I still want to hear people chanting like before, “Say Baba” and the rest.
Probably he will remember and answer his people.

Some say you are in UK for treatment, some also said you have gone beyond to meet your creator while others assume you are at the Villa putting things together for the betterment of poor Nigerians. But which one do we believe?

Please Buhari don’t keep silent, your subjects are crying for help.

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