VIDEO: Randy couple filmed having sexx on park bench in full view of children’s play area


Randy couple grope and kiss each other on park bench in full view of children’s play area

An amorous couple were spotted groping and kissing each other on a park bench in full view of the public and close to a children’s play area.

In video footage a woman, wearing black leggings, a purple t-shirt and brown knee-high boots, is seen on the bench straddling a man.

It is not clear whether the man is wearing shorts, as he is covered by the woman’s body, but he is naked from at least the thighs down.

The footage was shared on social media and is believed to have been filmed in Chelmsford, Essex.

It shows a shocked man on his phone, sat next to the couple, and another man standing on the footpath who just stares at the pair.

The Snapchat video was posted to twitter by @ovotho with the caption “Welcome to the UK”, according to Essex Live .

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous and was in the park at the time, said: “I couldn’t believe what I saw.

“This was going on in front of everyone and there is a play area in full view of what they were doing.

“From where I was stood, it looked like they were having sex but I don’t know if they were just fooling around.

“It’s a bit shocking to be honest with you, but also just really bizarre.

“I wouldn’t want to be walking through the park on a nice day and see that.”

The video is believed to have been filmed on Monday.

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