Trending: The True Intention of Northern Youths


A Facebook user took to his page analysing the true intention of the average Northern Youth concerning the Ultimatum issued to the Igbos, (Easterners) to evaluate the region before October 1st.

 Now we can interpret the intention.

“I just finished listening to the Kaduna declaration speech by a group of obviously misguided Northern old men who call themselves Northern “youths”.

What struck me most was the emphasis on seizure of landed properties owned by Igbo people. These guys spent at least 20% of the entire time talking about how they will seize the properties of Igbo people.
They even laid out modalities to start taking assets inventory!

I burst out laughing when I realized the major motive for these lazy men is to take over the assets of the Igbos….

The Fact About The Northern Youths

Then it just occurred to me that many haters of the Igbo people are actually eyeing the properties of Igbo people. Very lazy drones!

This is very funny indeed.

IfTrending: The True Intention of Northern Youths assets and money are actually their problem, it follows that Igbo people can actually buy their independence by paying them off.
After all, there’s a precedence. Haiti actually paid France off to retain its independence…….”

By Engr. Chris Obiekwe.
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