72 Years Of Pogrom Against Igbos: Northern Elders Must Call Their Youth To Order

Since 1945, that is over the last 72 years, Igbos, particularly those residing in Northern Nigeria have continued to suffer pogrom in the hands of their Northern neighbours.

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Yesterday, the mainstream and super-information highways were abuzz with threat of a 3-month quit notice handed to Ndigbo residing in the North by some sponsored Northern Youths who hitherto never existed.
These reckless youths gave innocent and peace-loving Ndigbo residing in the North, till October 1st, 2017, to leave Northern Nigeria in droves, thus re-enacting President Muhammadu Buhari’s Ghana Must Go in his first stint as Head of State (1983-1985).

Twenty-four hours after that threat was made, I am yet to see the reaction of the presidency, military and other law enforcement agencies, unfortunately headed across boards by Northerners. No thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari’s highfalutin nepotism since 2015.

Yours truly is also yet to see the masturbations of e-warriors and ethnic irredentists who have always at every slight opportunity cast aspersions at Ndigbo for always daring to call for True Restructuring or Self-Determination if the Restructuring Antidote is not coming any sooner to salvage this country from imminent collapse.

No matter how we pretend that all is well with Nigeria, this nation is chronically sick and needs urgent healing. Infact, no matter whether you believe it or not Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

However, there is a solution in order to avert a needless chaotic situation as experienced between 1967-1970.

The northern elders must immediately call these blood-tasty co-called Arewa youths to order.

I don’t see how a peaceful call for restructuring or even self-determination calls for war and impending threat of bloodbath up north.
For the purpose of refreshing our minds, the Igbos have since 1945 suffered needless pogrom up North et al.

Below are the incidents:

1. Jos 1945

2. Kano genocide 1953

3. 1966 pogroms- over 60,000 civilians were killed

4. May 29th 1967- over 200,000 civilians were killed.

5. 1967-70 – over 3,100,0000 killed during the bloody civil war (Including the Asaba Genocide).

6. Kano 1980

7. Maiduguri 1982

8. Jimeta 1984

9. Gombe 1985

10. Zaria 1987

11. Kaduna & Kafanchan 1991

12. Bauchi & Katsina 1991

13. Kano 1991

14. Zangon-Kataf 1992

15. Funtua 1993

16. Kano 1994

17. Kaduna 2000

18. Kaduna 2001

19. Maiduguri 2001

20. Jos Maiden Crisis-Setember 2001

21. Kaduna 2002

22.Jos-November 2008

23. Beheading of Gideon Akaluka in December of 1996 in a POLICE STATION in Kano

24. Saint Moritz killed December 2001

25. Post April 2011 Presidential Election: 10 youth corps men & women and numerous citizens murdered because a Christian Southerner was elected.

26. Jos Christmas Eve 2010

27. Madalla Christmas day 2011

28. Mubi January 6 2012

29. The many Igbo deaths caused by Boko Haram etc.

In 2002, I was in Shendam, Plateau State, I hurriedly left that State because of the crisis between the Natives and Hausa/Fulani. In that crisis, Ndigbo lost their lives, billions of naira in cash and properties, eventhough they were not part of the crisis.

Several crises in this country have always targeted the lives, cash and properties of Ndigbo. Yet, never have we heard that Ndigbo have been involved in any crises in this country.
In Lagos, we have had crises such as OPC Vs. Ijaw; OPC Vs. Hausa; Yoruba Vs. Hausa (Mile12). Has anyone heard about Igbo Vs. Yoruba crisis anywhere or Igbo Vs. Ijaw crisis or Igbo Vs. Hausa crisis. Never!

This is to show all Nigerians that Ndigbo are peace-loving people, always firm believers in the maxim of Growing and Developing their immediate communities.

Okota, Victoria Island, Festac, Lekki, Ajegunle etc- all in Lagos are emperical evidences that Ndigbo are firm believers of Peace, Growth and Development of their immediate communities.

Then, one is forced to ask, why are the properties of Ndigbo scattered all over parts of the country the prime targets at every slight opportunity? ENVY? This is the root cause.
It is therefore apt to state at this point that this latest threat by the reckless and sponsored Arewa Youths is null and void. If what happened in 1967-1970 should happen again, that may be the end of this fragile country.

We must get it clearly that a Call for Restructuring or even the extreme- Self-Determination is never a call for war or anarchy. Even if a Referendum is conducted today, and Biafrexit scales through, offcourse there would be a Post-Biafrexit Plan. Post-Biafrexit Plan would entail more Amicable Ways of settling the issues of Currency, Properties, Boundaries, Visa, Defence etc.

Even at the extreme, there is no where in the world where Peaceful Dismemberment just occur without Short or Long Term Thematic Approaches and Plans.

Therefore, these sponsored Northern Youths basking in the euphoria of Youthful Exuberances must be properly guided by the Northern Elders and Elite. The security agencies must call their So-called leaders and sponsors to order.

Yours Truly will never support War-War but rather Jaw-Jaw towards the Restructuring or in the extreme Dismemberment of this Great Country.

Culled from Trent
Ikenna Asomba a journalist, PR professional, and social commentator.

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