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Some stupid things WOMEN do that trigger the stupid MAN.

Some stupid things WOMEN do that trigger the MAN

Yes, there are stupid thing women do that trigger the stupid man. These days all in the name of fashion women do some crazy things that make a man look and act crazily.

Unfortunately women now take the advantage of the weakness of the stupid to do the most unimaginable.

Now what are the stupid things these women do?
Arsenal attack: Women have noticed that men are moved by sight nothing more. So, they have systematically package all the arsenals the one at the front and down below – front and back.

Some stupid things women do that trigger the stupid man

Have you noticed that a lady nowadays does not go out with wearing one skimpy outfit that will bring out all the curve and shapes within. A lady dress dangerously knowing that one stupid man will definitely go crazy and hunting her.

The worst part of this stupid things women do is that they go to the extent of making the artificial look real. They add up to their butt and breast. They make you look stupid as if there is one gold or silver that is attached.

Now i noticed the level of indecency and immoral dresses have gotten to the roof to the extent when passing in the street all you see is indecent and immoral outfit.

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It is obvious that their trap catches stupid men. The stupid man in between their legs long to have the crazy Arsenal. It is a pity that men are no longer men because the stupid urge and hunger for sex elude them. What a crazy world!

Some stupid things women do that trigger the stupid man

If men were men all those cheap dangerous display will amount to nothing if only they will look up and above they useless fantasies.

And again if men will follow their true love, wife and partner the nonsense on display will not be bought cheap.

Why would a man leaves his house, wife and children for work only to end up stupidly with a woman on a mission? If he had looked away from the stupid assets of that crazy woman then he could have save his honour and integrity.

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Well, it is in our hands to contribute to our decent and moral society.
Men let us act matured and not as amateurs, let’s build our selfless attitude towards avoiding ungodly and extra sexual affairs and not falling stupidly to it.

Please note, Sex is sweet but sacred. So sex is not for amateurs but the matured Men (those who can take care of responsibilities that comes in marriage). To be honest sex is marriage and not fun.

Written by Chidi Obasi

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