See What Happened In Yenagoa For Six Days


You might be wondering the kind of story or joke you are reading now. Well it is not a joke but the reality in Yenagoa.

For those who stay in Nigeria, especially Bayelsa we all would attest that the Beauty of Yenagoa is light and when there is no light in town it is looks as if the town is so deserted. Yes, that’s the truth.See What Happened In Yenagoa For Six Days

Could you imagine that about 6 days in Yenagoa it was all DARKNESS and mini flood caused by 2 days continuous rainfall. Why this issue is painful in my bone is that the so called NEPA people refused telling us what the problem it and would still charge us the normal bill even if the light is off for two weeks. Is pthis not wickedness?

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My people this Corruption is too much. “No be change they say we dey follow? But this change is never a change”

Well, thank God that after six days they managed to restore the light. At least I can sleep with NEPA light after exhausting my fuel.

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