Hottest Stripper: Hot Teacher Strips for Right Answers


Nowadays Teachers makes it hard for students for stripping to provide an answer. Well from my anaylze she has become the hottest stripper. Just like in the video you will agree with me she is the hottest. By the way why ladies strip alone? What about the MEN? Ain’t they hottest as well?

Sometime ago video of a teacher went viral on the net making her be the best looking strippers as at the moment.

Do you know that this video THE HOTTEST STRIPPER has been viewed by over 15 million people?


Below is the video of teach consider to be the hottest stripper as provides answers to student by just the simple gesture. Watch Hot Teacher Strips for Right Answers – Sexiest Substitute Teacher

Melbourne the hottest stripper in Dallas

Meanwhile early January 2017, EXOTIC dancer Dallas wakes around 5pm each day.

She showers, does her hair and make-up, packs her gear and has something to eat.

Then, along with a bag full of costumes, props and special needs — moisturisers, creams, even a portable bath — she waits for her driver.

Dallas, 26, has been working as a stripper and topless waitress for eight years.

Sometimes she works at one of the city clubs, sometimes at private events.

There are 15 different agencies who represent her in Melbourne which can see her performing at as many as 10 shows a night on the weekends.

Sports clubs award nights, end-of-year work parties, bucks’ nights, 18th birthday parties are all part of her weekly performance schedule.

“Throughout the night, we will still be getting last-minute inquiries for more work that we have to turn down due to being unavailable,” Dallas says.

“I would love to do more shows in a night but I have to take care of my body first and not push it too much.”

Finally, is stripping good, responsible and characteristic?

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