Homeless: Manchester attack hero pictured ‘back on street’ is living in hotel


Dave Sullivan Jnr, the son of West Ham co-chairman Dave Sullivan, has hit back at claims the homeless  of the Manchester attack hero is still living on the streets – and enlisted the help of the man himself to quash concerns.

Stephen Jones, who pulled nails out of children’s faces after a ‘dockyard confetti’ bomb was detonated at the city’s arena, has received almost £32,000 in donations via a JustGiving page.

But this week he was pictured huddling next to a bin in a red sleeping bag, drenched by the rain, sparking concern he had not received any of the money and was not being helped to create a better life for himself.

Setting the record straight, Dave Sullivan Jnr took to Twitter today to tell worried followers that he is currently paying for the hero to stay in a hotel – and the club is also in the process of sorting rented accommodation for him.

Manchester Attack Hero

Sullivan offered no explanation for the recent photographs which show the homeless hero sitting back on the street.

Dave then took it one step further and called Stephen – putting him on speaker while he recorded a video of his phone – who also said the ‘haters’ don’t realise it’s a lengthy process and he’s ‘going to look homeless’.

He can be heard saying: “A lot of newspapers are saying you’re homeless. Can you say you’re not homeless? Can you explain you’re not homeless?”

Trying to offer an explanation for the photographs, Stephen replied: “People have gotta realise -obviously I’ve told you I’ve got no clothes. I’m coming from the hotel – I’m carrying my bag with me with all my belongings. I’m gonna look homeless, do you understand what I mean?

“These people have gotta realise things don’t happen overnight.” Read in full from Source

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