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Gladness on Sunday – Today’s Billy Graham’s Daily Devotional

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Topic: Gladness on Sunday

Today Friday 9, June 2017

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. —Psalm 122:1

Gladness on Sunday - Today's Billy Graham's Daily Devotional

A lot of people get what I call “Sunday-itis” on Sunday mornings. Do you know what Sunday-itis is? It attacks the victim shortly before breakfast on Sunday morning. It is accompanied by a feeling of weakness and lethargy. Sometimes the victim has a slight headache which is aggravated by the ringing of the church bells in the community.


But the disease is of short duration, usually disappearing about noon, when the victim is able to eat a full dinner and play golf in the afternoon. But the symptoms usually appear again about 7:30 Sunday evening, and then disappear until the next Sunday morning.

Prayer for the day: May I always have the gladness that David had, as each Sunday I prepare to worship You in Your house, heavenly Father.

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