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Ex Beauty Queen, Makbere Mariam Unveils “CROWN FACTOR”

  • Nigerian Ex Beauty Queen Unveils A Pageant Book, “CROWN FACTOR”

Nigeria’s top ex Beauty Quee‎n Makbere Mariam has joined the league of authors who make statements with their experience and intellectual orientation with the unveiling of her pageant tutorial masterpiece. The book ” CROWN FACTOR” explains all about pageantry and modelling explicitly with regards to her legacy in the industry globally.

Beauty Queen, Makbere Mariam Unveils Pageant Book "CROWN FACTOR

The CEO of Nigerian Princess Pageant has attracted national honours and international recognition haven contested for ‎Miss Tourism International Nigeria (Beauty of Africa 2012),‎ ‎Miss Tourism International in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012, ‎ Miss Globe International in Baku, Azerbaijan ?? in 2014 and Miss Supranational in Zrodj, Poland ?? in 2015


*ABOUT THE Beauty Queen, Makbere Mariam Unveils Pageant Book "CROWN FACTORBOOK* (back cover)

You hold in your hand, a book written, carefully analysed and seasoned by a pageant veteran to suit you as a;
• Contestant
• Pageant Mom & Dad
• Choreographer
• Director
• Coach /Instructor
• Judge
• Analyst
• Observer
• Fan

Ex Beauty Queen, Makbere Mariam Unveils Pageant Book "CROWN FACTOREx Beauty Queen, Makbere Mariam Unveils Pageant Book "CROWN FACTOR

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Revealing the secrets to coveting the crown & clinching the title. The Crown Factor provides you an intellectual leverage that puts you ahead of the other contestants & makes you an unmatched contender.
This book prepares & helps you build yourself and career in several ways;
» Paperwork, Interviews & Intellectual strength
» Career Choices
» Character, Personality & Attitude Polishing
» Coordination Processes as a titleholder & producer
» Fitness & Health tips
» Talent Enhancement
» Networking & Socialising
» Sponsorships, Pet Project & Community Service
» Growing Stage Presence
And more!

Meanwhile, The Ex Beauty Queen has released the schedule for The Nigerian Princess 2017 edition which holds on July 2nd, at Aridolf Hotels Limited, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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