Buhari of Yesterday Where Have You Gone?


A Facebook user took to his page to write and demand the quick comeback of President Buhari thus he tagged,

Buhari of Yesterday Where Have You Gone?

Nigeria today without Buhari is like a country without President. Despite Osinbajo’s acting capacity President Buhari’s vacuum is still notice.

Our dearest President, we miss you and your Corruption fight. Come savage our country from its enemies, “the Looters” even those in your cabinet.

From my heart I sincerely pray for a massive and quick recovery which facilitate your return. May Almighty God help you.

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Our dear Buhari, remember 2019 is at hand. We don’t need these schemers anymore. We need total change different from what it use to be.

Nigerians need CHANGE and not change. The need FOOD and not hunger.

Please Buhari come back quickly. Remember yesterday of your glory.
Nigeria loves you Baba…

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