WTH! Nigerian Men Speak About Turning GAY For N30m

funny video

Wait first! Do you understand Yoruba language? No they spoke in English, but the sound track was in Yoruba, it will kill you, oh dear, I died and came back. The comments are so hilarious and honestly I weep for my country, I weep for Nigerian men. They have lost it, lost their pride, lost their ego, their country robbed them of it!

When we were growing up, we had sworn we can’t loose our virginity for millions, ladies am i talking? Men would have said give me all the houses in Nigeria, I can’t turn gay, I know who I am.

But the situation of the country has pushed them so bad to the brim, that they don’t even remember there is a God to fear, before they answer questions, or do things that will bring food to their tables.

Like I said, this is so hilarious, but we still have to bring out the truth from it. Watch the video below… Is your brother there? Loool

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