Shocking Moment Lion Locks Its Jaws Around Keeper’s Throat – Video/Photos

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This is the shocking moment a lion locked its jaws around a keeper’s throat and dragged him across a circus ring in front of terrified families, as children screamed out in horror.

The distressing scenes, posted to Facebook, show the tamer, 34, set upon by the male cat, who then hauled its victim around the pen while horrified onlookers rushed out of their seats.

The incident happened midway through a show in Doullens, northern France on Sunday afternoon.

The arena was pumped with smoke to distract the lion, who lost sight of its victim as the tamer scrambled to safety.

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The man was then rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The person who captured the video posted it to Facebook and described how the day had ended in horror.

Writing on social media, she wrote: ‘It’s my girl who screams in the video, she cried all night.’
A representative for the circus said the tamer had been working with lions for years.

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