Massive Rape in S’Africa -Three women rape 26-year-old man for 3 days

RAPE IN SOUTH AFRICA -Three women rape 26-year-old man for 3days

A South African man was left traumatized after being drugged and raped ‘numerous’ times over three days by three female assailants.

The 23-year-old’s ordeal began when he hailed down a communal taxi in eastern Pretoria which had three young women inside. The taxi began to change direction and the man was ordered to sit in the front.

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He was then injected within an unknown substance and passed out. South African Police Service Captain Colette Weilbach said: ‘He stated that he woke up in an unfamiliar room on a single bed.

The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink an energy drink before taking turns raping him numerous times a day. The South African Police Service take all sexual offences seriously regardless of gender.

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Rees Mann, of the South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, said nearly 20 per cent of sexual violations reported were on men.

He said: ‘Male victims are much less likely than females to report sexual abuse because police don’t take it seriously.’

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