Holly Hagan bravely reveals the mental health battle she hid behind her bubbly Geordie Shore persona


Holly Hagan might seem bubbly and confident when she’s mucking about on Geordie Shore.

But now the reality TV star has opened up about the mental health battle that she’s always kept private – until now.

The 24 year old suffered from crippling panic attacks that left her “terrified and embarrassed” throughout her time on the MTV show.

Sharing a picture of herself with Charlotte Crosby, Holly explained that it was taken at the “height” of her anxiety in 2015.

Just minutes before she was “in Charlotte’s arms unable to breath having one of the biggest panic attacks of my life”.

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“If you know that tingling light headed buzzing ringing in the ear feeling your body is starting to go numb and when you know it’s coming and you’re fighting to stop it and all of a sudden it feels like your chest is so tight your heart is going to explode and you go to breathe in and it feels like someone’s put a plug in your airway!” she explained.

“Tears streaming out of my face completely terrified and embarrassed.

“But of course once that was over I had to work, put on that brave confident face and pretend it never happened. I had so many attacks that day I was exhausted.”

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