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Going To Bed With Bra Makes Your Boobs Firm – Celebrities Speak




One celeb suggests wearing a bra in bed keeps boobs perky

TV chef Gordon Ramsay says never eat specials in a restaurant but do haggle over wine.

While actress Helen Mirren has revealed her do’s and don’ts for a happy life include “face your fears” and “don’t text at 3am”.

Here are other celebs with some wise words, including TV presenter Mariella Frostrup with her tip for avoiding saggy breasts.

As well as being a top TV presenter, Holly is bubbling with parenting advice.

She’s written a book, Truly Happy Baby… It Worked for Me. And her main lesson is there is no one “right” way to do things.

Holly, 36, said: “I felt with most of the manuals, an expert tells you to go down one path and stick with it, but what if what you planned just doesn’t happen? Look at me: three children and three different experiences.

“My book aims to give each mother confidence to switch on intuition in choosing the path that suits her. If readers take away one piece of advice: listen to your gut instinct.” Get full details of this article on Mirror

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