Clash of interest over George Turnah’s fraud case after EFCC arrest.

Clash of interest over George Turnah's fraud case after EFCC arrest.

A Facebook user expresses his feelings over the EFCC prosecution against Jonathan’s godson Alabh George Turnah. Read what he posted on his account below.

I can vividly recollect in April 20th 2012 on AIT Focus Nigeria program where Barr George Turner was the guest speaker.
There are some unthinkable, uncouthly yet unimaginable remarks he uttered against Chief Timipre Sylva live on air. George Turner was lying , he was lying at the expense of political bronchitis, a gang up anachronism against Chief Sylva. One oxymoronic  statement he made that tickled my ears  then (2012) was that “Bayelsans have never been this worse before, the people are suffering and dying in poverty”.
But today, are Bayelsans anything better of today as compared to  Sylva while as governor???
Did Sylva ever owed Civil servants their salaries or pensioners or student bursaries or political appointees or even this power outage we experience now???

Thank God the difference is 7up. We do not need a soothsayer or seer to tell us, we now knows it better.

Today I am very glad that George Turner is receiving this nemesis he created for himself. Former President JoJo received his own share in 2015 (No 2nd tenure), it’s now a veridical locus that the evil that men does lives  and comes after them before they die.

One word for Barr George Alaba Turnah is a big KPOWAI ntorr…

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