“Who’s f***ing hard now?” Shocking video shows female bully punching pigtailed girl who cowers before baying crowd

South Yorkshire Police say they are investigating the incident (Photo: Facebook)

A “vicious” bully punched and kicked a petrified girl on the ground as a crowd gathered around yelling “fight her.”

The female thug was caught in disturbing footage screaming in her victim’s face before grabbing her by her pigtails and kneeing her in the face.

Her terrified victim yells out in pain as the bully pins her to the ground and rains down several punches on her head.

She finishes off the horrifying assault by scratching at the girl’s face and pulling her hair, while yelling “Who’s f***ing hard now then?”

Meanwhile a crowd of about 50 teenagers surround the girls, while goading them to keep fighting.

South Yorkshire Police say they are investigating the incident on Wednesday after footage was posted on social media.

Children-surround-young-girl-as-bullying-teen-punches-her-in-face-chases-her-down-street-and-pulls (1)
The female thug was caught in disturbing footage pinning her victim to the ground (Photo: Facebook)

Comedian Robin Armstrong posted the video on his Facebook comedy channel yesterday, writing: “This is one of the most disturbing bullying videos I’ve seen.

“Boils my blood that kids can be so cruel share this and give this scum bag bully your thoughts! #BULLYTHEBULLYS. (sic)”

Armstrong doesn’t appear to know the youngsters in the video, but claims in a later post that the attacker’s brother contacted him to say she was in fact the victim, “who finally lost it after 3 years.”

Dozens of children formed a circle around the pair as the attack began, with many filming it on mobile phones.

At the start of the sickening clip, the attacker approaches her victim, who has her hair in two plaited pigtails and is wearing jeans and a black top.

She yells at her: “At the end of the day, look how much s*** you’re going to get yourself into.”

The victim replies “I’m not bothered” as she tries to walk away.

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