Who is This Bitter Jesus?

Who is this bitter Jesus - Chidi's Palace

You may wonder why I choose to write about this. You might also have been marvelled why the bitter Jesus. Well, don’t ask any longer the question goes. Here are few ways to know and reach this bitter Jesus who left His better place for bitter place to take away all your bitterness.

To describe Jesus is so simple and a way to it. Just as it is written in John chapter 14: 2. “I am the WAY, the TRUTH and LIFE…” This is a perfect description of the man JESUS. If you want to know Him just follow the WAY, know the TRUTH and you have LIFE, not just life but Life eternal.

Now let’s take this bitter Jesus way: You may imagine what you should doing with a bitter person and learn from his way. He is just the way you need to follow if you must survive here on earth. We are all living witnesses to the troubles in the world. The troubles which have swallowed up many and they never had time to find their WAY out of it. “When you take the WAY out, you make your WAY to Safety”.

No pilot, drive or person who embark on a journey that misses way if the way is known. Meanwhile any one that doesn’t know his way always ends up lost or destroyed. So, Jesus took all bitterness and pain to show you the right way if you follow. Remember He won’t mislead you like every other person does. He will not pilot or drive you to crash. I must tell you, the bitter Jesus wants you to be SAVED once you follow him. “HE is bitter to better your life.” Make your WAY right and save your life from WASTE!

To be continued…

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