‘WAEC Confirms Senator Andy Uba Forged Secondary School Certificate’

‘WAEC Confirms Senator Andy Uba Forged Secondary School Certificate’

This is according to SaharaReporters
The news outlet says it has obtained a document issued by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) statement of Senator Manuel Nnamdi Uba, better known as Andy Uba, forged both a secondary school certificate and the “Confirmation of Result”, which was presented to the British authorities.

In a letter dated February 12, 2014 and addressed to the attention of George Smith, of Public Agencies, located at 57 Peel Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 7LY in the Uk, WAEC said, a “Letter of reference not. L/CR/CONF/05465089 date November 21, 2013 is false.”

According to the examination of the body, “Mr. A. A. Okelezo, as has been observed with reason, reported that the Driver of our branch office in Calabar on the 7th of October, 2013, having been deployed from the Ikeja Zonal Office. He was never the Head of the National Office, as indicated at the foot of the letter with the reference. The signature on the document is in no way similar to that of its signature.”

In a report earlier today, SaharaReporters revealed that Senator Uba, who represents Anambra South senatorial zone, had falsified the grades obtained in the secondary school leaving certificate examinations conducted by WAEC in the whole of West Africa.
The lord of the Uba, a former senior domestic aide to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, attended the Union High School (formerly Boys High School, Awkunanaw, a suburb of Enugu, the capital of the State of Enugu.

Records obtained from the school and in other places showed that the controversial senator, he attended Union High School from 1970 to 1974, when he sat the certificate of secondary studies. WAEC’s letter to Mr. Smith clarified that “the Examination conducted in May/June of 1974, he was the GCE [General Certificate of Education] and not WASSCE as indicated in the Confirmation of results.”Signed by O. M. Adebayo, assistant Secretary in charge of the School Exams Department, WAEC the letter adds:

“The Certificate does Not: SC 544753 with the candidate No. 05465089 was found to be false, since the signatures on the documents were false. Also, the serial number of the citation in the ‘certificate’ was non-existent in our system. In addition, the spelling of GRADE as a avant-GARDE let the fake document.” Mr. Adebayo stated that a candidate with the same name as the Lord of the Uba “sat down at the CME in the school in 1974,” and, below, details the authentic results obtained by the senator. The lord of the Uba in the actual results, certified by WAEC in his letter to Mr. Smith, showed that the senator was, unfortunately, the score of “credit” in only one subject, Chemistry.

He failed English Language, Bible Knowledge, and the Economy. He obtained the degrees of mere “pass”, that are close to “fail” in the following subjects: English Language, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology. On the contrary, the Lord of the Uba in the falsified the results claimed that it obtained the following scores: English Literature 4, English Language 7, Christian Religious Knowledge 7, Economy 4, Statistics 6, Mathematics 6, Physics 4, Chemistry 6.

In addition of fraudulent alteration of the grades obtained in their terminal certificate of secondary school, the Lord of the Uba also claimed in its official website, as well as your page on the web site of the National Assembly who earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Concordia, Canada, the California State University and Buxton University in the united kingdom. Our investigations revealed that the Lord of the Uba, in fact, registered as an undergraduate student, both at stanford University and the California State University, but left both institutions without completing the work sufficient to earn a bachelor’s degree. Our research also showed that Buxton University is not an accredited institution of learning, but a “certificate mill” that sells degrees to anyone willing to pay a small fee.
Although the Lord of the Uba in the official website said that the senator attended Buxton University in the united kingdom, the fake institution has no physical address in great Britain. Once operated out of Portugal, the use of that country as a place from which to send “certificates” to customers around the world. In his forged certificate of secondary education, the Lord of the Uba claimed that he described as the “First Division”. WAEC document to Mr. Smith denies the claim.

In his letter, Mr. Adebayo stated, “for a candidate to have qualified for a First Division team Certificate under the WASC/GCE regime, he/she must have passed at least six subjects selected in accordance with the Regulation, reaching a Credit in at least five of them (including the English Language…” WAEC the letter was emphatic that the Lord of the Uba “does not comply with the condition and therefore could not have been awarded the first Division.”

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