Victoria Beckham talks being “good value”

Victoria Beckham talks being “good value”

The Mum of four, Victoria Beckham might not be the best smiler, but Posh Spice insists she is good fun.

Victoria has given an interview to Elle magazine where she opens up about her social life and how supportive husband David is when it comes to their kids.

Speaking about a side of her people rarely get to see, the 42-year-old said she likes to “drink and really have fun”.

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Victoria shared: “I don’t tend to go to parties, but if I do go out for dinner, I like to have a drink and really have fun… I’m really good value at a dinner party – I want to relax and have a laugh. I like to have fun, and I think that often surprises people.”

While speaking about her husband of 17 years, Posh Spice said they have an amazing marriage and he’s always there to support her if she’s working.

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“Yes, he’s great. During fashion week, when I’m working, the children will be in New York and he’s already planned to take them to museums then out for dinner on Saturday night, so he is very good at that sort of thing – as am I.

“That’s how you can show your support in a marriage, by saying, ‘You know what, I’ve got this.’ That’s what makes a good partnership.”

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