Thought for the day: One Last Chance by Tekena Ikoko

Thought for the day: One Last Chance by Tekena Ikoko

One last chance….

When your boyfriend is a “yahoo” boy and a confirmed business’419nerMan, and he says, “Darlyn, Let me just make one more hit and I will repent and settle down…”

And you say, “Amen, because I don’t want to lose you. Please make it the last one…”

Then, I, Tekena Ikoko, decree that the last hit will be from your parent’s bank account, and from all your uncles, and every chief/elder and friends that will sit on the high table during your traditional wedding in Jesus name…”

Now, who will say Amen ?

Until we become a country that stops patronizing corruption, and legalizing deception under the name of religion, then we are joking…

Before you point to any corrupt politician, think again…

1. Who runs the fake JAMB centres?

2. Why is NaijaBet now the resting places of youths every weekend ?

3. Why do we talk about prostitutes and ignore their clients ?

4. Who falsifies WAEC results and “smooth” admission ?

5. Which school proprietors has a “good” relationship with Ministry of Education so that their students always get fantastic grades ?

Now, back to the babe of the YAHOO guy….Did you say Amen to him in the name of love and “I must marry this year”?

If you said, amen, then we boldly say, Amen.

If you are as radical as I am and courageous, THEN SHARE THIS POST and say Amen with me…

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