The most 15 ways to stay together FOREVER


“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer.

My husband and I have experienced many things together and for the most part, have been happy for many, but there were days when thoughts of divorce crept in. However, over time, we have come to realize that when weak people face problems often give-up or run from their problems, whereas people who are committed to something, including marriage, tend to resolve the conflict.

One of the most important things you can do to save your marriage is to fight for it, and to resist having to be right. Couples who are hurt or offended in a marriage often allow things to build up over years, never really expressing or communication what they’re feeling until it’s too late,

By the time a person has allowed something to fester for years, it becomes complex and very emotional. My advice, step back take a breather but don’t threaten divorce when emotions are high and you’re hurting. Get help, go for counseling, and make a plan – of what you’re going to say to your spouse but don’t deliver it while you’re angry.

So what else can you do for lasting love:

Don’t Go Mad
Yelling, screaming and fighting will only damage the relationship more. Instead of letting going off on your spouse due to pent up anger, take time away to get some perspective. Maybe seek counsel from 2 or 3 close friends who love both of you.

Criticism Is Destructive
Don’t exacerbate the situation by inappropriate comments or jabs, better to show more wisdom, flexibility, and support. Criticism in the long run will only make matters worse. Someone who is constantly criticised will eventually retaliate-one way or the other, by words, walking out, or worse, by violence.

Complement One Another In Front of Others
You’re two mirrors and married people tend to perceive their partner’s accomplishments as their own. If you talk about one another in glowing terms it will break down barriers and build both you and your spouse up.

Remain Individuals
Being on the same wavelength is great, it unites you. But give some personal space. Do you have different friends? Great! Are you engaged in various activities? It’s fine. It provides you talking points and your own hobby gives you time for self-development and personal growth, which is important in a marriage.

You Need Intimacy
It’s a myth that intimacy diminishes over the years. If anything, because of how well you know your spouse, intimacy tends to increase between couples married for many years. Intimacy is more than just a physical connection, it includes feeling safe, trusting one another, caring for one another, you truly do become one.

Be Attentive
Our life consists of little things, but we often forget to tell the ones we love most how we feel about them. Praise your man, plan little surprises, or send a flirty message. one way you can do that is by texting him using text my love every day, it injects excitement into our marriage.

Change Lifestyle
Explore the world, travel. Being on the move makes our life diverse and thrilling. You’ll look at your partner from different angles and learn something new about each other. It will prevent the relationship from stagnation.

Forget About The Past
Your ex-partners have been left behind, there is no friendship with them. Arrange the right priorities – meet your spouse’s needs first and be faithful.

Be Best Friends
The highest degree of love is friendship. Respect the feelings and thoughts of the soul mate, open your heart and soul completely.

Learn To Apologize
Sometimes it is tough to admit that you were wrong and to ask for forgiveness, but you should do it. The ability to recognize your guilt in a relationship is an important step towards its development.

Talk to each other as much as possible, show interest in everything the spouse is saying. Expand your conversations, share your thoughts and feelings at the end of the day, support each other, it will only strengthen your emotional bond.

Accept His Family As Your Own
Be in touch with his relatives, spend time together with them, organize common holidays. The spouse should know that his family is as important to you as yours.

Express Affection
Set up a lovely tradition in your family. Before you rush off to work, kiss your partner, and meet him from work with tender hugs. These small gestures will keep the flame of love.

Stand Up For Each Other
Do not let others insult and hurt your loved one. You and your husband are one family, that is why always stand up for him and not allow others to speak ill of him.

Go On Dates
Don’t let boredom linger! For that, go on dates, organize romantic evenings, it will rekindle your passion.

Thereby, mentioned tips aren’t a panacea, however, if you follow them, you will increase the odds of staying in love for the long run.


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