MMM Nigeria the last man standing Ponzi

MMM Last Man standing Ponzi in Nigeria

MMM is the last man standing in Nigeria as the record have it.
All other Ponzi which was and is introduced in Nigeria before and after MMM has packed.
All those with dubious mindset are all gone and won’t resurrect again. It is the end of PONZI in Nigeria

MMM although drown with peoples’ money running in Billions of Naria in the quest of getting rich over night. After they reopened in January as promised to Nigerians, they managed to pay few persons and stopped because no one was putting again.

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But recently, MMM founder introduced, what I called GAME, put in new money to redeem old marvo. Well, if you ask me. it is working 5% out of 100%. So, you must be careful with Nigeria Ponzi because it has failed.

But, to think of it, have you thought of where the money is coming from? For you to just take millions to put into the ponzi? I leave you with this question. Read THE TRUTH AND FACTS ABOUT MMM

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