Is Indian Movies and TV series taking every Nigerian Homes? READ

Is Indian Movies and TV series taking every Nigerian Homes? READ - Zee world

Do you know that India movies have taken the centre stage of every home in Nigeria? If you have not noticed that here is the run down of what you don’t know.
But firstly, I will ask these questions, leave you to share your opinion on the light of it.

1. What is so special in India movies and their TV soaps?
2. Why is India TV soaps gain more attention than Nigeria’s?
3. Is India stories so captivating and interesting than Nigeria’s?

Well, if you ask me, I will say the Bollywood has taken time and study Nigeria and have upgraded to the level that all scenes shown is unique and interesting. Compare to those late 80’s and 90’s they only do movies in local language which they later subtitled for wide-viewing purposes but today their soaps and some of the movies are trans-script in English for Wide viewing optimization.

I remember those 90’s we use to say India movies doesn’t end because it is as lengthy as 3-5 hours. Imagine yourself seating down now watching Bollywood movies and soaps that lengthy hour, I guess you will be bored! The special thing now is that they learnt to shorten or parts their movies now to at least 1 hour instead of 3 or 5 hours.

I bet you will also noticed that they are better in their rhythms and sounds unlike what they use to give us those days.

Now Nigerians have embraced Indian Movies and TV Soaps through Zee World. Women are mostly to be in this trap because the series of movies the channel offer. Most House wife will be by their TV almost 12 hours watching series of Indian Dramas and movies.

In fact, the worst of it all, some many of them make their family forget that other local channels ever exist. From statistics, every woman who watch Indian drama series knows the characters (Actors and Actress). soundtrack, songs used in the background. Can some one tell me what is really happening?
Please answer this question. What is so special about Indian Movies and TV soaps compare to Nigerian Movies?

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