Why is Prince Harry in a hurry ‘to move girlfriend Meghan Markle into Kensington Palace apartment?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to take the next step and move in together – next door to his brother William, according to reports.

The couple have been seeing each other for almost a year and friends believe marriage is on the cards.


And in a further indication things are getting serious, the prince, 32, wants Meghan, 35, to move in with him into a Kensington Palace.

His brother Prince William, wife Kate and their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte are due to move back to London later this year.

William is giving up his job as an air ambulance pilot to take on increased royal duties.


And according to the Daily Mail, Harry and Meghan will move into an apartment which is being renovated next door.

A source told the paper loved-up Harry appears keen for to settle down as soon as possible.

“He keeps popping round and asking when it will be ready,” the source said.

“He seems in a real hurry to move in with Meghan.”

It comes amid reports Harry was forced to give up a skiing trip after his brother William was caught dad-dancing on a boozy lads holiday. Mirror

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