US tourists allegedly accused Immigration officers of extortion at Seme Border


Two United States of America citizens on the expedition to Nigeria on Thursday at the Seme Border in Lagos State accused officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service of extorting N125,000 of them  despite the fact that full travel documents.

Dr. Randy McKinney and McKinney Lana arrived Nigeria .jpg

Dr. Randy McKinney and McKinney Lana who arrived in Calabar, Cross River State, on two motorcycles after spending more than seven months on the road from Alaska (US) to Nigeria.

McKinney described their experience at the Seme Border as a “horrible nightmare,” stressing that the immigration officials at the Nigerian border with Republic of Benin were “thieves.”

The duo noted with anger that various immigration officials at the Seme Border had insisted during their approval to receiving bribes to release their passports.

He said that the immigration officials were the image of Nigeria mat to rely on the service to something about the behavior of its officials.

The duo noted with anger that several immigration officials at the Seme Border had in the course of their clearance insisted on receiving bribes before releasing their passports.

He said the immigration officials were tarnishing the image of Nigeria, calling on the service to do something about the conduct of its officials.

He said, “Crossing the Nigerian border from Republic of Benin was one of the most horrendous nightmares we have ever experienced. Officials at the border are thieves. We spent N125,000 to cross into the country despite having all our complete documents. If they take a look at your passport, you must give them money to get it back. I have not seen that kind of thing in my life.

“I think all the thieves congregate in the Nigerian border.  From the closest Togo to Benin border posts, there was no problem. The Nigerian end of the Nigeria/Benin border is full of crooks. Something needs to be done.”

McKinney said they were, however, happy to be in Nigeria despite being warned not to come.

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