Updated! Apostle JOHNSON Suleman is INNOCENT of all SEX scandal


After watching this video, you will understand that truth never hides for long. Whatever, it may be it will surely sprout out and the world will know the difference between coated lies and the truth.

When any real man of God go on his kneels to God, there is fire on the mountain. It will be better for man to contend his fellow than God.

Watch How Apostle Suleman Heals A Cripple In US.jpg

My opinion is that all who are in this game of blackmail should surrender and ask for forgiveness, else the wrath of God will surely be treble. God forbid! Love is better that hiring a harlot. He loves his wife so dearly and won’t do this scandalous act

For those who are also joining the league of blackmails should rethink and reverse their decision.

Be warned! It is just a piece of advise. The truth will surely prevail. Apostle Suleman moves on with the work of God in Washington DC

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