This is a story about an apprentice named Mary John sold her boss’s daughter but it is good news that the three year daughter of Mrs Tobiloba has been found after a month.


The victim’s mother said they discovered that John had collected N60,000 for her daughter before she appeared at their house in Alagbado.

She added that Oluwasemilore was sold four different times to different women before she was rescued.

She said, “After she was arrested in Badagry, she said she had been paid N60,000 for the job before coming to my house and she had planned to kidnap my tw vn ngcn o children. But she couldn’t because I had said if she didn’t come with a guarantor by Monday, she should not come to work.

“She said after she kidnapped Oluwasemilore, she left for Anambra by a bus the same day, and she sold her to an elderly woman, telling the woman that my daughter belonged to a prostitute who wanted to get rid of the girl.

“The woman buys new babies and resells to families without children. The policemen asked her to call the woman that she had another child to sell. When she did, the woman asked her if it was a ‘trouser’ or ‘skirt’, which was a code name for a boy or girl. We decided to give her my son as bait.”

She explained that the buyer arranged to meet John at a bus stop in Onitsha, adding that the woman agreed to buy her son for N500,000.

The police were said to have posed as evangelists and bank customers while they laid in ambush for the suspect.

“As she got there, the police started shooting and she wanted to run, but she was quickly arrested. She didn’t want to cooperate initially, but when she was drilled, she opened up and said she resold the child to another woman,” she added. Read the rest in PUNCH

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