The End of PONZI in Nigeria but MMM will shock you


It is seem that Ponzi in Nigeria is coming to an end. Ponzi in Nigeria was going well, slow and steady until, 1X2 metrics were introduced.
Some of them pay 300% while others pay 400% to their clients. This package was put up to attract participant to invest heavily on the platform and later within days the operators of the site abscond with their money, making them heartbroken.

Though few were sincere but 85% of the ponzi sites were scam to defraud innocent Nigeria who chase money out of greed. Sites like Twinkas, Clarittas and few others were really paying until the participants money to other platform where they make more than 500% of their money within 24 hours.

All the same, it is clear that people have noticed that most of the ponzi is really scam. Unfortunately, the lessons of MMM when it crash didn’t teach people lessons. it was gathered, a student of Afebabalola University Ado-Ekiti invested her school fees over half a million Naira to MMM around December period, but unfortunately it was gone. And this has brought her difficulties in school. Her friends suggested she had ran away refusing to go home on holidays for facing her parents.

But all hope is not gone for people who is still patronizing PONZI. It is gathered MMM is getting back to back 2016 MARVO. Well, that’s good news. But yet, people will still lose their hard earn money. While others smiling home and others will be left heartbroken.

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