Shocking! Woman caught having sexx at Domino’s takeaway counter (Video)

Woman caught on camera having s3x at the counter

Nothing seem so new in our world today. Each day we see breaking stories of unimaginable act! What a crazy world!
A barmaid who admitted she got “a bit carried away” after footage emerged of her and partner having sex at a Domino’s takeaway counter has been interviewed by police.

Earlier this month MirrorOnline reported that the man in the Domino’s pizza sex film – Craig Smith, 31 – which went viral is not going to be prosecuted as he kept his trousers.

But last week lover Daniella Hirst, 28, was interviewed under police caution after arriving at Scarborough police station in her boyfriend’s white van – with a Domino’s pizza box on the dashbaord
Footage had emerged last month of the pair having sex at a takeaway counter while waiting for a 12-inch pepperoni.
Daniella was taken into an interview room where she was questioned for 90 minutes before being released, report The Sun on claims of outraging public decency.
Lover Smith will escape any police action as he remained fully clothed throughout, however Hirst’s bare bum is on display in the video. Read More…
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