Police woman caught extorting money from KEKE riders in Yenagoa


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Police should either pay their officers well or quickly sack them. Why on earth will Police woman or man extort money from Keke riders. This police woman was caught on camera at St. Peter’s Anglican Church front, where they normally extort money from Keke without any offence.

Police woman extorting money from keke

If any keke drivers refuse to offer 100 or 200 as they demand, such Keke driver will remain there to face argument with them, and make him to lose passengers.

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It has been observed that they make up to N3000 to N4000 each of them daily. Is that not more than their salary?

Police woman extorting money from keke (1)

These crazy attitude is now making passengers to find it difficult to get a ride from that spot.
My question is, ‘De no dey pay una?” Below is the shared post on facebook

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