OBITUARY: Ogbemudia, the governor who spent only three nights in government house

Things you need to know about Ogbemudia.
His mother had many children but she lost quite a number of them, so when he was born, he was named Ogbemudia, which means “this one has come to stay”.

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When he wanted to join the army, his mother wept all night long up until the moment she bade him farewell. She didn’t want the child who had “stayed” till adulthood to join the army and never return.

She was worried but he made it out alive and all the way to the top.

He never aspired to become governor yet he did – twice. He never dreamed of getting to the pinnacle of the army yet he became a sterling general.

The life of Samuel Ogbemudia was filled with simple goals yet he always achieved immensely.


His simplicity was evident in his decision to serve as Bendel governor from the house he inherited from his mother.

Ogbemudia was never one for the perks of office, rather he cared deeply about good governance and youth empowerment.

When he was appointed governor, he felt the government house was too big and didn’t want his children to “feel frustrated and disappointed that we were coming to a smaller house” after his term in office, so he decided to stay put in his house and operate from there.

“The day of the coup and they gave the governors 24 hours to leave Gov­ernment House, it didn’t affect me. I just took my brief case and came back home,” he once recalled.

During his second time as governor, this time a civilian, he also chose to lead the affairs of the state from the comfort of his home.

“The only difference was that we had many policemen and soldiers, about 20 or 30 of them, but inside the house, the same cooks, the same stewards; I never accepted any government’s own. They remained in the government house. When visitors came to my house in the evening, they got only what they would get at my pri­vate house, not as in government house.”

In all his years as governor, Ogbemudia spent only three nights in the government house. Continue Reading

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