Nigerian BLOGGER silenced Apostle Suleman’s HATERS

Apostle Suleman is INNOCENT, Stephanie Otobo finally confessed

Written by Chidi Obasi
After looking critically into this cheapest scandal I have seen between Apostle Johnson Suleman, of Omega Fire Ministries and one Ms Stephanie Otobo. I have come to a conclusion to say that Apostle Suleman is INNOCENT. And all cheap scandal from the so called Stephanie and associate were and is and will remain the a fabricated and coated lies from the pit of HELL.

One, may why are you taking side with him, or may say that it is a sponsored publication. Well you own your opinion, same to me. And I can’t be among people who reason from their anus like some do. The truth is that spiritual matters ain’t what anyone who does not understand it can dive into, judge and conclude. It takes spiritual concerned and believing Christian to understand the things of the spirit.

I want to state it that all who play roles in the scandal are just enemies of the gospel of Christ. They hate Apostle Suleman and the hate the gospel of Christ. Because, they  really love the gospel none will ever come up to scandalized the Lord’s ordained.

Note that, the kingdom of darkness will never be at war with itself. It is only darkness against LIGHT. That is the logical truth, believe it or not. As a Christian, remember you will face persecution from the under-world, all you got is to move on stronger and I think that’s what Apostle Suleman is doing. He goes from one conference to another, from one crusade to another.

As at the time of this article, Apostle Suleman is currently in Washington DC for a 3 day Crusade. While, Ms Stephanie Otobo and her cohorts move around trying to get photoshoped photos and clone voices He is busy doing the work of his FATHER. No matter how you try nothing will weigh him down. Well, in this DRAMA REPUBLIC, the truth will surely prevail.

My advise to you all, for the church of Christ not be divided, keep praying for the CHURCH and the servants of God. All attempt is to weigh the church down, put disharmony and conflicts. Keep praying for the Church and NIGERIA. The truth will prevail.
For those whose game and taste for pulling others down, let them continue for the CHURCH shall march on and the gate of hell shall not prevail.

No matter what my opinion still stand in this case and will not believe or publish otherwise.


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