Nigeria Ponzi Revolution: The loss, gains and scare

Nigeria Ponzi Revolution: The lost, gains and scare

Nigeria is a wonderful nation where anything goes, and in the game people use other people’s weakness to building their rich empire.
It is no news that Ponzi global has existed more than 4 decades, yet in Nigeria erupt as if it was a new revolution of richness. In other country it was and still being practise as term and called, “Money Doubling” until it because obvious that most of them scam platform of enrichness.
With the little knowledge and discovery I got, I heard of “Omarna” in the 90’s. It came, and it was embraced. Few people made money while others lost theirs. So, that’s the game and absolutely dangerous if all your hard-earn money is put in the ponzi game.

Recently after MMM Nigeria failed as one of the Ponzi game, people made good amount of money with many Nigerians who do not understand the rule in the ponzi game lost their millions, some even lost their lives. Do you know that people never learnt from this rather another look-alike MMM came, and it was term 1X2 matrix, while others are are 1X3, 1X4 respectively.
In all these new revolution ponzi game it became obvious that people who float the sites are dubious in mind to enrich their pocket without minding how people sweat for the money. Well, you shouldn’t be stupid enough to gamble your money away like that.

I repeat, no sensible in his right senses will through his money the ocean expect it back the same. The ponzi game got matured to the extent people are expecting new brand ones to open before rushing in to it. So, this operators have capitalize on that weakness of people to float sites within one to two weeks. After milking people’s money within days, they crash the site and tag it “Upgrading” and that will be the end of that Ponzi site.

Now Nigerians are wisen-up, they have understood their tricks, it can only work on some people not many anymore. If you get the few recorded list of Ponzi game sites, you might get fainted but all the same their game is up.
I beg you in this Ponzi revolution. Do not fall for it, else you will be duped.  Though MMM is trying to come up again but you must be careful else you dead the second time. PONZI in NIGERIA is dead.

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