Mum thanks police for arresting her ‘spoiled’ daughter after her ‘stupid’ move on holiday with friends


The last thing many parents would want to hear is that their beloved child has been arrested.

But one mum felt relief when she heard her daughter had been picked up by police – because it taught her a much-needed lesson.

The sheriff of the police department who arrested the young woman in Walton County, Florida, shared a letter he had received from the grateful mother on his Facebook page.

Her daughter had been on a trip with her friends in Florida for ‘spring break’, a school holiday in the USA popular for students partying on beaches.


She wrote in the letter: “In this day, “cops” are getting a bad rap. So, I wanted to say “thank you”.

“Yesterday, my daughter was one of the thousands of spoiled spring breakers “living it up” on the beach.

“She got arrested for underage drinking. She was holding a can of beer on the beach. A stupid move that I warned her about before she left, but I’m just her mother, so ‘in one ear and out the other’.

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