Bombshell! Liz Black Says Women Are Not Equal To Men, But Better

Liz Blacq

Woow! women who place themselves equal with men ain’t doing the needful. Man is above and head but women are specially made. They are special and unique.

The wife of ace photographer, Yemi Black, Liz Black has said it is an insult for women to think they are equal to men because in the right sense they are upgraded beings and better.  According to her men weren’t good enough so God created women. Her undiluted words;

Liz Black tweet

I strongly feel it’s an insult to women to say we are equal to men, we are not equal to them, we are newer, revised, upgraded beings, man wasn’t good enough, so a woman was created. Don’t mistake the position we took as helpers as though we are less, we are just humble, period! Quote- #lizjohnblack #proudwoman #africanwoman #happysunday #instafamily #instagram #instagrammers #happynewweek

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