I got into a fight with some people last night because I didn’t allow them to get a away with their deception. You should know by now that I am a man led by my convictions and not the color of your eye shadow or size of your pocket. I was pounced on by a swam of angry ladies led by one esiri something something uduaghan whom they later said was a barrister.( Hehehehehehehe. Make I laugh small) barrister that doesn’t know the meaning of feminism and bandwagon of fans who were too lazy to Google the meaning of feminism but had enough strength to scream “feminism for life” “this is how we’ll keep dealing with the idiots called men”…… be continued……..continues at 8:32pm.
So I asked, what is the future of feminism when all the feminists(most of them barristers ???) are busy racing in the wrong direction? They say speed is of no use when you are facing the wrong direction. So they are busy attacking men with the hope that the finish line of the race is the day they will command men to do frog jump in a motor park. What a disgrace to the parents who spent their hard earned money on their daughters hoping they will make them proud as lawyers. Lawyers that specialize in perverted feminism. What a shame

You claim to be feminists yet your worst days at work are the days a fellow woman is elevated above you or to be the head of the organisation where you work. A feminist that seeks for transfer or redeployment coz a woman is made her boss is the type that young ladies should be careful of.

Come to think of it, you claim to be a feminist, yet no one has ever seen you use your time line to carry out voter education for the numerous girls who are your fans on Facebook. People hardly see you root for female candidates during elections, rather you are the first to castigate them coz of envy and jealousy. If the political relevance of women isn’t important to you then you are a fake feminism.

Sharing of inheritance for female children is forbidden in most parts of Nigeria. instead of our feminists to push for equal rights for them, they spend time quarrelling about one man and his 18 concubines. What is feminism without equal rights to inheritance for the female folk?

How many of you have used your time line to campaign against the thousands of cultural practices that discriminate against women in Nigeria? Stop deceiving unsuspecting girls with your perverted feminism if you have not talked about how these practices can be stopped.

When was the last time you advocated for girl child education with your time-line despite the fact that it’s very prevalent in most parts of Nigeria.

I am waiting for the day you will talk about class sealing. The day you talk about removing the restrictions that women face in workplace, I will take you seriously.

 Until these things and more become your obsession, you are a cultist not a feminist.

Na Chucks Taylor talk am. Make una come beat me

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