Be Brave for a BOLD change – FIDA Chairperson charges Women (VIDEO)


Mrs Rachael Dickson and women in Bayelsa state marked the International Women’s Day at the Peace Park Arena. It was a gathering of Women and display of love and charge of BOLDNESS. 
The Governor’s wife used the opportunity to charge women to speak up and defend every Ijaw girl or women out there who is passing through hell.
The same vein, the Chairperson of the International Federation of Women Lawyer (FIDA) Bayelsa stated that it is right for women to speak out be brave for a bold change.
Few weeks back, the state chapter of FIDA, took to the street of Yenagoa a campaign to zero VIOLENCE against women in the state. The aim is to sensitize the public the need to zero violence perpetrated against women who are mothers, sisters and daughters. Queen Freda Fred, the Face of Bayelsa and Bayelsa Supermodel 2017 (FIDA Ambassador) was also in the road campaign awareness.
Also, the chapter has engaged in the production of VISUAL jingles centered on RAPE and physical abuse on WOMEN.
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