A Must Read! The Strategies of Kidnappers Use To Trap Victims

How I was kidnapped pls keep reading and sharing this post

On March 5, 2017 I received a call (on behalf of Afterlife Cleaning Company) from one ‘Honourable’ Philip who requested that a key person from our organization should come to Omumma Local Government in Rivers State to inspect the LGA facility and give a quote for concentrated fumigation service. I did some quick research on the person and the local government because I had never been to Rivers state.

‘Honourable’ Philip promised to foot the bill of my transport to and fro. On March 6, 2017 I booked 10 O’clock flight to Portharcourt but my flight was delayed till 2 p.m. owing to bad weather. I arrived at Portharcourt airport around 2:45 p.m. and shortly after my arrival, I received a call from ‘Honourable’ Philip that someone would come and pick me up and drive me straight to the Local government secretariat. Everything looked perfect to me as I engaged the driver in some conversations as we journeyed towards what I later realized was the land of misfortune.

The driver suddenly linked to a bypass. As we drove down the scary, rugged and muddy road, some armed men (about ten of them) came from the bush and intercepted our car. There and then I realized that I was tricked all the way from Lagos only to end up in the territory of the kidnappers. So, for real, I was kidnapped; left stranded in the bush for three days with no water or food to eat. I was blindfolded, hands tied, legs tied for 3 days. Despite all the beating and threats to take my life if my family did not pay the 10 million naira ransom they demanded, God spared my life. I was dispossessed of my phones, laptop and my bank accounts were emptied but I held unto my faith in God and believed absolutely in Him.

This is my testimony. Brethren, join me as I thank God for saving my life and restoring my soul. I say a big thank you to my inestimable family and wonderful friends for their relentless prayers, financial support, advice, time, hospitality, calls, messages and all for the past few days. May the almighty God reward you accordingly.
N.B. The same group that arranged my kidnap is sending text messages to contacts found on my phones using this format:
‘Gudmorning Adebowale, is me EMMA am now with Agip oil and gas company in Bayelsa branch. An employment is on now, if you like it let me know.’

Mine was contract, this is employment, please beware; don’t be the next victim.
Let us share this post until it gets to someone you won’t want to be the next victim.

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