White House confirmed that Trump called Buhari, other African leaders

White House confirmed Trump spoke with Buhari and others

The White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, on a live press briefing shows that President Donald trump a phone call to the heads of the three African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, and Tunisia.

Sean Spicer his press briefing appears before the White House press Corp and President Donald trump has a cell phone call and the chief of Tunisia, Peru, Nigeria, Columbia, and South Africa. There has been much media speculation about trump not to make an important phone call Buhari, although the briefing does not determine whether it is between acting president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo or the President Muhammadu Buhari , who is in London, UK to receive medical treatment. 
And confirmed by White House Press Secretary that there was a phone call between trump the leader of Nigeria and other world leaders have made all the rest media speculation that such phone calls are taking place. 
Sean Spicer, read out, the details of the conversation of the phone call will be available shortly. This will make the content of their telephone conversation.
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