Whether Jet or no jet, We want to see Our President – Facebook user


No! My President can’t say that! He is the President of my beloved country Nigeria. He cannot talk like someone who does not have responsibility. The father of he most populous black nation on earth cannot refuse to return from a journey, especially when the nation awaits to see him alight from an aircraft, and heave a sigh of relief to end this ridicule.

He should rush back even if he has to return on board a  ship to ensure that his family is reassured of his safety. He cannot keep us in suspense! And the aeronautical engineers; didn’t they know that the President is to return? Even if he has to come on board a ship and recuperate here; it will be fine. Just stop this aircraft story. We are talking about Mr President of the United States of Nigeria, for goodness sake! Not the President of a club! Nobody else can bring that assurance to Nigerians except himself.

We know him well; his height, his gait, his voice and mannerisms. We await all that and more. I don’t like this hanky panky game one bit! We want to ridicule ourselves again before the comity of nations. Is the trouble his absence is fueling not enough to send our beloved  President scampering back to town? Hey! He is for everybody. He is not a private individual. In which country in the world can we find such tales? The trouble is: when we are not sincere, even when the truth is told, no one wants to believe. That is where we found ourselves as a nation.

PMB is for everybody and his welfare should not be treated this way. I know that Nigeria is riddled with too much rumour mongering, but this is off limits. Mr President cannot be said to be stranded because of one jet; no! Not in the face of these rumours. Or are they enjoying the suspense? Please Nigeria is bigger than that. At least we can hire a private plane and bring him down for all to see so this big joke can be laid to rest. Must we behave like a country of secondary school children? Thought that by Monday 6th the waiting will end and things will go back to normal. Its like expecting someone who was kidnapped. You cant tell when you’ll see him. I want to see my President ooo! THIS WEEK, Jet or no Jet!

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