Tiwa Savage Secret Admirer writes her astonishing love poem


I stumbled upon this write-ups on the net. A secret admirer of the Nigerian music celebrity, Tiwa Savage. She what he wrote
“I so much love your personality, so much of your character, physique and attitude.
I must tell you am falling for you. I dont mind how long it will take but just a night with you many of my sins will be washed away!
Ur body is chocolate and i love chocolate… Want to lik it… Wan to drink it… Want to enjoying it!”
He went on saying:
“Just a night with you will satisfy me… You are so sexy, cute and charming.
You have charmed my whole life. I can’t get hold of my self. Tee pls just one night with the Queen of my heart”.
My question is, is this guy OK? Well, he has made his thought known.
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