This hidden poison is why more than 15million Nigerian men are weak in bed – says new research



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It is no longer news that a lot of men especially those who stay in cities don’t have the confidence to call themselves a real man mostly because they struggle with having rock hard erections.

Put them in a room full of naked pretty women and their manhood will be staring at the floor like a rotten plantain.

The worst part is that many of them are dying in silence and wasting money on concoctions and several drugs that lead to further breakdown of their manpower.

But this research led by Dr. Rebecca Sokol, University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine might be good news for such men.

According to the research, a poison (or toxin) known as Bisphenol A (BPA for short) is one big factor that could be largely responsible for this.

This poison (BPA) is silently passed around via plastics, nylon, food packaging, receipts, tickets and other seemingly harmless material.
Not just that alone, other studies in Canada and China have shown that BPA reduces your sex drive and leads to shrunken testicles.

The effect of these erection killing poisons plus too much blood sugar could be one of the big reasons why many Nigerian men suffer from what is now known as the “weak erection syndrome”

Weak erection syndrome is when a man struggles to get rock hard erections on a consistent basis.

In order to get rid of this situation and be in shape sexually, it is recommended that men should detoxify their bodies on a frequent basis.

Detoxify in this regard means flushing out these erection killing poisons and excess blood sugar from your body on a frequent basis.

GOOD NEWS – Recently, NAFDAC approved a herbal mixture that eliminates toxins from your body by cleaning your blood, heart, kidney and liver.

Many Nigerians who have used this herbal mixture have given various testimonies about how it improved their bedroom performance, regulate their blood sugar and sleep better.

The herbal mixture works because it contains 3 of the most powerful medicinal herbs known to man (curuligo pilosa, uvaria chamae, citrullus colocynthis)

Don’t wait until too much poison in your system rubs you of the ability to be a man in the bedroom.

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