Shocking! Michael Jackson’s Mom Katherine Claims Nephew Is Allegedly Abusing Her


The Jackson family and drama go hand in hand, but we never saw this latest twist coming! Family matriarch Katherine Jackson claims she’s the victim of elder abuse at the hands of her own nephew and we’ve got the shocking details.

Oh no! Late pop superstar Michael Jackson’s 86-year-old mother Katherine claims she’s endured years of torment at the hands of nephew Trent Lamar Jackson, who she says in court documents filed Feb. 8 is an “abusive con-man.” She says that he’s been trying for years to take control of her finances so he can drain her bank account dry. Katherine is so afraid of him that in papers obtained by TMZ,
She shockingly claims she had to hide in her own closet in order to speak freely with her kids because Trent’s been desperately trying to keep her estranged from her large family. The site adds that daughter Rebbie,  66, and some of her other children are willing to testify about his scary behavior.

Trent had been living a pretty sweet life up until now, as Katherine had employed him as her driver and gave him a nearly six-figure annual salary! He had almost no living expenses as he was staying rent-free in a guest house on her sprawling Encino property. She’s had enough though, and tried to fire him back on Feb. 3, even having Sheriff’s officers present in case he tried to harm her in retaliation, but he took off as soon he saw authorities.

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